Free Speech, yay or nay?

In response to a heated exchange I recently viewed between the late Frank Zappa and three other talking heads regarding the censorship of lyrical content in modern media, I offer this…what are your thoughts?

Freedom of speech is an absolute for a civilized culture. Aside from causing immediate danger (like yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater), there is no human wise enough to draw lines as to what is or what isn’t acceptable language for everyone.

My own personal feelings aside, I would say that by the rights granted in the Constitution, citizens can write and say and sing and video whatever they wish, again outside the realm of hurting or threatening others. Thus no assault or slander either.

Furthermore, every individual has the right to buy or not buy, to turn the dial to another station as it were, so as to satisfy their own taste and sense of decency.

The way the game is written, our government cannot abridge those rights. If you don’t like it, amend the Constitution and change the game. But until then, censors can kiss my behind too.

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