Traumatized Mice?

This is an excerpt from a letter I just sent the CEO of Petco:

I drove to the store about 4 pm today to pick up three mice for my pet corn snake. I have been purchasing them at this store for a couple of years. When I arrived I noticed there was some minor construction going on at the front of the store.

I entered the store and an employee asked to help me. I said I needed three mice. She told me that the manager said they weren’t selling mice (though I could see quite a few in the tank) because he was afraid THE MICE HAD BEEN TRAUMATIZED by the minor construction going on. Hel-lo? Traumatized mice? Are you kidding me? They’re going to be eaten by a five foot snake! Now that’s traumatizing!

Absolutely effing absurd.

Two weeks ago I was told by another employee at that store that it would take four to six MONTHS to register my phone number with your system. I thought “Well, maybe” due to everyone tightening their belts, financially speaking, and your company didn’t have the manpower to enter this information for your customers. But frankly, sir, after seeing the compensation you receive, that’s not the case.

What kind of ridiculous company do you run?

This gave me the impetus to find a competitor, who, as it turns out sells mice for about 30% less than your firm. They will be getting my business from now on and I’ll be glad to pass along my lovely experiences to my students and associates shortly.

I do not expect a reply; no one really does that any more because, in general, no one gives a sh*t about customers any more. All you folks really care about is keeping it in the black. Well, I won’t help you do that any more.

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