Enough Wisdom?

I guess I have been infected with the notion that humans just do not possess the wisdom, intelligence, altruism, ingenuity or will that enables them to extricate themselves from the problems they have created, either singly or en masse.

Furthermore, if such solutions do exist and are miraculously enacted, the resident powers-that-be will most likely disallow them unless such solutions conform to their self-serving wishes, which are patently counter to the overall well-being of the culture at large.

In addition, it is my belief that our world is subject to forces beyond the physical, and such non-physical forces will play out their drama virtually ignoring our petty squabbles and suffering. Ultimately I believe, maybe misguidedly and however foolishly some may say, in an infinite Creator who is truly in control and has presented us with a real solution.

It is such a divine solution to which I subscribe.

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