Two Jethro Tull Album Mini-Reviews

Those of you who know me know that I have been a big Jethro Tull fan since about 1970. Well, it pleases me to tell you about the last two albums produced by Ian Anderson and company: Thick as a Brick 2 and Homo Erraticus.

If you are looking for intelligent, multi-layered rock music with carefully inter-woven melodies, with a touch of jazz and a classical sensibility, look here. If you are interested in pithy lyrics that tell intriguing tales in a sophisticated way, look here. If you are tired of children’s records with predictable rhymes and pathetically repetitious rhythms, or primitive, insipid ideas expressed in
all-too-simple terms, look here. You won’t be disappointed.

As with most Tull works, it takes a number of listenings to really understand and appreciate what is going on…the dynamics, the instrumentation, the vocal phrasing, the overall engineering, all really top notch. I have said for years that overall Mr. Anderson is the most talented man in rock and roll. And these two efforts reinforce my opinion.

Without subjecting you to details, I think you would find both offerings highly enjoyable and suitable for all audiences.

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