We’re All In Trouble

Jimmy can’t make his payments, and Danny lost his job
Janey’s got a melanoma and Herbert just got robbed
Bob has guilt that eats at him and Mary shed her hair
Cathy’s lost her hearing and Jeff has lost his fare.

We’re all in trouble, we all have cares
No one is immune to living’s hard airs
We learn to carry on and live to be strong
In spite of bumps, made smooth to last long.

Don can’t read, never learned he says and Maria cleans the dirt
Chris thinks everyone hates him and Pat never wears a shirt
Tyrone dreads he’s HIV and Jess has the stickiest hands
Billy gets his joy torturing dogs while Linda makes demands.

We’re all in trouble, our demons play out
In our weakness, this tissue’s endless bout
Yet as troopers in rain we march to glory
Knowing our illness only a fleeting story.

Carl’s addicted to a half dozen drugs and Karen is vain beyond end
Juan chases tail even in dreams and Carol can’t help but spend
Fred is not at all interested in work and Donna’s without any faith
John likes the challenge of stealing cars and Barb dresses like a wraith.

We’re all in trouble, carry it on our cross
Do our best to not let mischief be our boss
Try to get over it as we grow better and older
Attaining wisdom hopefully before we get colder.

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