Obama is Just a Tool

Please everyone understand that no matter how you feel about Obama, he is ONLY a tool, as were so many of his predecessors.

If a group of high-powered suits approached you and said, “Say, son, how would you like to be president of the United States? All you have to do is play ball the way we want you to,” how many of you would say no?

Now I do not support him and I do not like him one bit, but realize what is the larger problem here. The real Earthly powers-that-be have provided a scapegoat, a nexus of anger, a focus for you to attend your petty vilification upon, while all the time winching up the rope that is tightening around your necks.

Be afraid American frogs, be very afraid…and be ever vigilant…for as you vent your hatred, the water in the pot is heating up, and will continue to do so until you cannot jump out any more…

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