Ignorance in Action

Ignorance in action is the single scariest thing on the face of planet Earth.

As much as I wish for Polyanna and Kumbaya, so very much of what I see from human beings is selfish, vindictive, short-sighted untruth.

Instead of doing what is truly right, both in the eyes of the greater good and/or a divine Creator, they fool themselves into their own illusions, their own perceptions, their own judgment of right and wrong, and then make matters worse by foisting said judgments upon others.

Humans, like you and I, know very close to nothing. If we could all learn a little humility and fervently endeavor to really learn the will of the Creator or the greater good (take your pick), we might be deemed eligible to become Human Being 2.0 someday.

I strive daily to pass the exam and I hope you can too.

And by the way, Happy Mother’s Day (should be Happy Mother’s Month!).

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