The lives we lead often depend on an implicit linearity, that is, tomorrow will be just like today, and the next day and the next, and for the most part that is true.

Once in a great while a non-linearity is introduced, say Pearl Harbor, JFK’s death, 9/11, etc.

Such events shift our paradigm, shift our way of understanding our temporal reality. For years it has been my opinion that open contact with extraterrestrials will be the next real joker in the deck, something not really planned for…oh we talk of it, and make movies, and speak with channels, and research it, and deny it, but until it is blatantly and vividly out in the open…

Is there a connection to them in sacred texts like the Bible? Do the Mayans or Aztecs or Incas have a monopoly on evidence? How do they perceive phenomenon this in the Orient? And what about crop circles? And Area 51? Intellihub used to have some intriguing video bit have since taken them down.

What say you?

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