Post Independence Day at the Beach

The depth of the creation is profound beyond knowing
It surpasses perception of all comings and goings
The finest among us only comprehends but a sliver
Of the amazing production of the Infinite Giver.

No doubt this is true, be it ever so hallowed
Why in our self-love have we become so shallow
To think we control even the breaths that we take
The minutes that pass thought real yet fake.

Yet it is clear like the lines on your face
We act up so haughty, such pride and disgrace
We think we’re so special, beyond all the rest
In ignorance lost at some devil ‘s behest.

So why did He make us so imperfect and vile
Was it all just a test of truth versus denial?
Was it all just to see our free will in action?
Can we really be trusted with wisdom’s didaction?

I’m not so sure as to His divine purpose in this
I’m certainly not privy to such infinite bliss
The question is still, if ever we be,
If the creation is perfect, why aren’t we?

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