Life is a Decoy II

Life is but a decoy, my friend, it isn’t what you think at all
We’re riding a vehicle of flesh and bone, the Creator’s reveille call
And though we think we act alone, our spirits are all entwined
In truth we are all just discrete facets of the eternal infinite Mind.

We gloat and we strut and contrive that by ourselves we are strong
Yet grains of sand are we awash in beaches many light years long
But there’s power even there for a missing grain changes it all
For humility knows its place after a bellowed conceit’s fall.

Even more than a vehicle, we are the path to discover all that is
We can become unlatched if we find what time’s true nature is
Just like a piece of movie film, we see life as time, cells and tracks
Our innumerable choices and decisions turn potentialities into facts.

Life is but a journey to higher ground, not the collection of things
Our pre-pubescent attitudes betray our severe lack of awakening
Wake up, human child, wake! Up from your slumber of ignorance
To a brighter day, a lighter way of tapping universal abundance.

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