Ah, To Be An Ostrich…

It would be nice to be able to close my eyes and make it all go away…hide my head underground ostrich-like, sing Kumbaya, and convince myself that a state of Polyanna exists universally.

But things aren’t like that, are they?

Our world is getting ever tenser, ever nastier, ever closer to an ultimate showdown between forces.

Without labeling them (and there are many competing polarities), you can sometimes see who is aligning where…other times you cannot see anything…in general I am thoroughly convinced that we, as a race, are not wise enough to extricate ourselves out of the problems we have gotten ourselves into, and, furthermore know that the powers-that-be on Earth would hinder such solutions if they existed…my friends, be ever-vigilant, ever-sensitive to the motivations of others, and be as wise as you can be in the times ahead.

It may save your life.

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