Pre T-Day Delay

When you come to the end, what questions will you ask?
Was I righteous, was I true, did I prove my love to you?
When your numbers up, what then can you count?
Days of plenty, a zillion twenties, or the love of many?
Once your body expires beyond life, what will you transcend?
The mental blocks, chains and clocks, a thousand natural shocks?
If you have a mind when you’re ready to pass on, what will be on it?
The next few days, purple haze, double and triple plays?

When you’re given the time with your life on the line, what will you say?
That the traffic was bad, the sex that you had, or what made you mad?
When your lights go dim and you’re naked within, what is it that you’ll want?
Just one more sip, yet another trip, never to lose your grip?
So the reaper approaches, not there to coach us, what calls will you make?
Should have known better, not written that letter, not been such a debtor?
Your plane’s going down, no rescue around, what are you sorry you did?
Broken some hearts, lied with some charts, compromised your arts?

Aye the end she comes as a surprise for most
A shock, a shame, and a blunder
Very few know the time of their passing
A lightning strike and a gasp of thunder.

When you’re down to your last, dare you hold fast, who is it you thank?
A holy Creator, the now and the later, your ego’s dictator?
So you roll down the line to the end of your time, how is it you’ll feel?
Deeply fulfilled, wisdom instilled, or all cheated and chilled?
When your white light appears and life’s in arrears, what will you then need?
A push and a shove, the warmth from above, the Father’s great love?
You’ve inhaled your last, looking back on the past, what do you think?
One heck of a ride, gave it my best try, ’twas great to be alive?

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