End of November

Is it true Abraham’s seed is genetically better
Can you focus on the spirit, not the law, of the letter
Your chakras balanced, rollin up to the dimmest dunes
Of sensational feeling sounding disharmonious tunes.

Cause when you tune in the One, rewards abound in kind
An amazing journey onward, you can graduate your mind
The planning’s been done all shiny and bright for your ultimate promotion
How sure are you, as you walk on my shoes, your sweet ever-lovin emotion.

I’ve heard it said broadly the person we call “Me”
Is a cross between a mirror and who others’ let you be
And the universe we carry in the small aches in our back
Brings you here a minute, there a minute, copulation’s fact.

The lessons that we learn in the hair we cut away
Invigorates flowing sadness the longer that we play
Brushes with culture or a cultured brush signifies our part
You’ve sold the world and it sold you a momentary heart.

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