Seven Billion Universes

Seven billion little universes in this orchestra sublime
Balanced on a knife’s edge of experiential space and time
Each with a focus, each with a plan
A private perception, their world in hand
Observing all the others in remote detached pantomime.

Beings of our kind still possess a personal sovereignty theirs
Unintentional and impenetrable despite their unawares
Each has a vehicle, each seeks the road
A separate happiness to shed their load
And linear time to do it all thru a discrete passage of cares.

But by unconscious assent we all bought into physical laws true
A shared waking dream is our world of emerald and watery blue
We all drink the same, we all breathe the air
Procreate by longing to love by the pair
Immature relationships suggesting collectivism are far too few.

Your thoughts are impervious to another’s inspection then
And another’s dreams are inconceivable, you have never been
Each knows his own, each feels alone
An enclosed surface, a sacrosanct zone
An island of your own, a sane serenity in mortal coil’s den.

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