Past, Present, Future

The seduction of a future, a perfect to yet occur
Is difficult to ignore and leads us by the nose.
Our present troubles don’t exist in ideal times hence
As naturally, we hope, the blossoming of a rose.

The past has its allure too, memories fond and dear,
Selectiveness in bred succors us, pain fades as morning light
Dominates our mind’s eye relief where shadows wash away
The anguish of a life not as planned, not quite right.

But we fool ourselves this way, this awkward life of snapshots
Intoxicates us so to be blinded to the big picture screen
Where life happens all at once, the inescapable now
How every moment is a universe just waiting to be seen.

Comfort motivates us to adopt such a fictional state
Reality places no obligation, so commons go the easy way
Planning for some flawless future, living in a painless past
We sacrifice the precious present, a present given we belay.

An irony it is we that recreate the past each time we do conceive
We reshape our plans as well, flexible as fluid indeed
But the now moment is timeless infinite eternity
Always existing, the same for all, a truth we cannot exceed.

And as we grow from our linear perception of passing time
To being the path itself on which we presumably tread
Past and future will blend into one everlasting now
Evolving into Human Being 2.0, our old selves lying dead.

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