The ET’s Are Here

Did you hear the news today?
The ET’s are here and want to be friends.
Can cure all our ills in their alien way
Improve all our lives in generous ends.
Here to prevent the ending of days
Come from beyond our time and space
Said it’s time to lift the cover-up’s haze
For many a year observed our race.

Say they’re part of a brotherhood vast
Two thousand worlds in harmony and trust
It’s time to include us as childhood’s past
Before we decay into a nuclear dust
Now do we believe them with discerning eye
The gifts they offer appeal to our lust
How do we independently verify or deny
Their motives as stated or are we to bust?

A man comes along, respected leader of sorts
And announces that he’s checked things out
And the people come bleating in hopeful retort
“Here’s the new religion,” are at once devout.
Rallies the public to a new heightened cheer
And honestly strives to eliminate doubt
As sincere and believable as one could appear
Handles all concerns of what they’re about.

To be continued…

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