Spider Princess

The corporate diva waggles her head
The junior partner dreams of her bed
She’s in control till the big boss walks in
Cowering coyness, deception’s intent.

She’s on her way up the devil’s ladder
Devious and cunning, sweet but ever badder
Seductively dressed, but don’t you dare touch
She does have a price that’ll cost you too much.

Her daddy once taught her the golden rule
He with the gold makes all the rules
So her mantra’s as clear as the sun in the sky
Take all that you can and never ask why.

She’ll lie and she’ll cheat and impale your back
And run you right over if it keeps her on track
Yet with a curt smile and a wiggle behind
Entice you to willingly submit to her bind.

And watch as she weaves, her soul be conjoined
Into the darkness, her integrity purloined
It’s all just a board game, profit’s true zeal
For the spider princess of the corporate deal.

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