Tell Me Friend

So tell me friend, what motivates you to go on?

Is it the chase of a gentle skirt?
Or the ambition of a greenback stuffed shirt?
Is it the sun on your face catching waves?
Or performing on stage to applauding raves?

Tell me friend, what is it that makes you go?

Catching a buzz higher than yesterday?
Or eluding the fuzz on an open highway?
Setting a record that no one can touch?
Rehabbing enough to release your crutch?

Then tell me friend, why get up at all?

Bohemian experience and nothing more?
The delicate caress of this week’s whore?
The approval of a boss you can not stand?
Or playing with toys too old for a man?

Yes, tell me friend, what moves you on?

A selfish urge to have the perfect day?
The satisfaction of making your enemies pay?
Win that big game, crush the damned loser?
Or be the tavern’s champion big boozer?

Well, tell me friend, are you the real thing?

Who gives to their kids all that they can?
Subjugates their ego for the good of all man?
Donates their life to the advance of the race?
Infinitely grateful for God’s loving grace?

To me, four out of five haven’t a clue,
Why you’re here and what is true,
Four out of five are deaf, dumb and blind,
And at least that many are out of their mind.

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