Control! In the name of your own safety.
Control! Like a spider to his fly.
Control! Cause we know what’s best for you.
Control! We expect you to comply.

A strip-down cavity search to board next year’s plane
Obligatory taxes to pay for the tools who probe
Filtered TV news does more to form public opinion
Shedding your dignity you’re happy to disrobe.

Bend over and like it cause it’s gonna get worse
The noose will tighten until no truth will pass
Your entire life boils down to a single data point
The candle is snuffed on the consumer’s last mass.

Control! ID chips for your dog and kids.
Control! Your cell phone’s a homing device.
Control! One man’s powerless against ’em,
Control! Right to assemble comes at a price.

Dominant need exceeds profit and greed
And barely a soul escapes the sheep gate
Foods are designed and protected from pests
Your alimentary canal is under debate.

Could diseases be a government plot?
And who watches the fox watching hens?
Lying’s encouraged and truth’s but a crime
Finger-pointing toadies hiding Depends.

Control! Like the drugs all have numbers
Control! Cashless machines tell you that you do
Control! Register now for the air you’re gonna breathe
Control! And quiet in line! Just bleat and moo.

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