Eliminate Government Abuses? How?

My friend Mike asked me, “What can we do about the government abuses?” See if this answer resonates with you…I told him “It’s almost like a vermin infestation…maybe like lice…really hard to get rid of them…the immediate answer is to vote every single incumbent out, bar none. But, and it’s a big BUT, electronic voting machines are not tamper-proof and people rig the elections…

It’s like what Stalin said, “The people who vote decide nothing, the people who count the votes decide everything.” I’m afraid America is becoming more Socialist and more totalitarian by the minute…the more the people rebel, the more crushing will be the response.

There is, and has been for many, many years, a conspiratory attitude amongst the Power Elite and Big Money to consolidate their power and leave you and I the mere crumbs of what’s left…and they’re getting away with it. I, for one, believe in the power of our Creator to liberate us from this potential human enslavement…maybe I’m delusional, maybe I’m right, we’ll see.

As things get hotter, the time approaches sooner. Nonetheless, aside from submission to such a Creator, I would think the only way out is to band together and resist, in militias, in town meetings, in secret groups, and do whatever it takes to neutralize Big Brother as best we can for as long as we can.

If you’re not a sheep, and you’re not a shepherd, you must get out of the herd and be independent. They will make that harder to do in the coming years…with consolidation of currencies, RFID chips, massive satellite and video information gathering, oppression, and propaganda, they will wear away at the resistance until nearly everyone will have to go along to get along…there very well may be a “number of the beast” coming to a neighborhood near you.

You’ve heard the Chinese saying, “May you live in interesting times.” It may be more a curse than a blessing. We’ll see.

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