Let Me Swim Deeply

Let me swim deeply in your sunken pool
From my cotton cave of uncovered tools
Let me lay my pipe straight and more
Feel the heat by the flaming door.

Get me the grease the ramrod is sure
The parts are in place, the method is pure
My engine’s engaged, the tranny it does spin
Rev me up humming a harmonious din.

Let me roller coaster on your slippery slide
A fantasy feeling the in and out ride
Drilling for oil in caverns so deep
Electric pulse makes your soul to leap.

And as I climb that mountain on high
Pushing the stone with more than a sigh
Heartbeat increases a rhythm now voiced
Brain chemicals dance a loving rejoice.

The swimming is done I’ve reached my goal
A task fully done, a now completed role
A feast for a king, all that one can eat
In a few short minutes I’ll likely repeat.

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