We’ve Got It

We’ve got polluted waters and unbreathable air
Dads are leaving home and moms don’t really care
We’ve got prices rising daily and profits thru the roof
People feeling helpless and leaders stand aloof
We’ve got tattoos on your youngsters and markers on our blood
Ego-driven clergy and every man’s a stud
We’ve got government wasting taxes, they all get a piece
Of all you worked so hard to get, will it ever cease?

We’ve got unfaithful husbands and wives who play around
Jobs all shipped overseas and goods produced unsound
We’ve got churchmen diddling young boys and doctors pushing drugs
Way too many sex shops and not nearly enough hugs
We’ve got people getting desperate and children cannot read
Collegians guzzling cocktails and scholars growing weed
We’ve got problems out the ying-yang and wisdom not enough
To abide by all the answers, times are getting rough.

But the winds must change or the end will come
We’ll deserve what we get for being so dumb
Change your behavior, become a new man
Gotta make up your mind to make a new plan.

We’ve got foul mouths abounding and rapes on every street
Responsibility’s never mine, the environment’s in retreat
We’ve got race relations in the tank and anger’s off the charts
Everyone walks n eggshells and cross words kindle sparks
We’ve got baboons in our offices and toadies in their pay
Godless idle parishioners must have it their own way
We’ve got deviants of every stripe and radiation from the sun
Shaven heads look all alike, is populating a prison fun?

We’ve got people large as elephants, others throw up food
Some medicate themselves for fun, others to even moods
We’ve got self-mutilation as a hobby and decadence as a game
We’ll pay almost any amount for fifteen minutes of fame
We’ve got deadly microscopic bugs, even ones we didn’t create
Leaders we could never trust, they’re enemies of the state.
We’ve got hardening of the arteries, and people way too vain
Simpletons dictate consumer trends as comics spill our pain.

Yes the winds must change for the end is near
Whispers you ignore but a scream you’ll surely hear
Change your priorities, become righteous anew
Before all of your inexcusable debts become due.

But it’s no fun being a downer
Rather raise a glass in cheer
I’m just reading you the scorecard
For people far and near

We’ve got advocates for every view but no one gets it right
There’s creepy alien bloodsuckers who slink about at night
We’ve got mediums spewing from beyond and rags revealing drivel
Bosses who abuse the workers and underlings who snivel
We’ve got TV vomiting ignorance and radio’s a commercial feast
Media control by powers that be, opinion is Mad Money’s beast
We’ve got sons and daughters fighting wars against insane murderous lies
And politicians who swear allegiance to the gullibles who buy.

We’ve got global warming and a cold snap while oil prices rise
Acid rain paints your car while reptilian purveyor denies
We’ve got mercury in our fishes and mad cow in our meat
Society is profit-driven and Christmas is a trick or treat
We’ve got kids imprisoned by their dads, others throw up their hands
Spoiled and privileged dilettantes unknown to foreign lands
We’ve got shack-ups and break-ups too numerous to smile
The sadness of a busted love, the bitter divorcee’s bile.

My God the winds must change before we destroy it all
The crying child’s innocence is evidence of our call
To change the world, please change yourself now
Time won’t wait any longer for our heads to bow.

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