For David Icke

I’m in a cell where my wounds ever fester
It’s dark and I hear piteous wailing
The stone is cold and my bed is straw
My body’s resistance is long failing
Tortured in this US dungeon bleak
By fearsome powers almost revealed
Ripped my flesh, agonized, screaming
Digging too deep yields my fate sealed.

Seeking to unfold the gigantic lies
Behind the shadow government’s power
I researched every source I could
And faced an unassailable tower
Ancient covens, bloodlines protected
Dark-suited, stone-hearted killers
Intrigues in politics, marionettes
Controlled by Bilderberg pillars.

Ignoring their threats I chose to delve
Ever deeper where I did not belong
Sought out the truth of Bush and Bin Laden
Sleeping together seemed so very wrong
Prescott and the Nazis, Yale and the Bones
Feed us manure and convince us it’s good
I snuck my way into the Vatican’s halls
Unholy marriages in blood, cloak and hood.

Escaped their Knights by the powerful cross
And found my way to the Central Bank
When I learned of trillion dollar transfers
Where Rothschild and Rockefeller drank
Deals were made and millions died
In world wars, died to serve an agenda
To scare us all into giving up our rights
In the name of safety, defend us.

Frontman Blair is to be head of the Euro union
While Zbigniew declared his chessboard
Zones of Earth are carved, borders gone
We are expendable, the peon droning hordes
Their overall goal is Fascist control
One world government. not elected
You’ll be convinced it’s in your own best interest
You’ll be convinced you’ll be best protected.

They create a problem with a common enemy
One that you cannot reasonably ignore
Then offer a solution that seems so real
While you give them your rights to implore
And step by step history shows they move
Population control by planned parenthood
Microchipping your children to protect them
From predators and punks in the hood.

Babylon’s bloodlines, priests went to Rome
Forever corrupting the Word of God
Hapsburg, trilaterals, the CFR clandestiny
All dream of wielding Aaron’s rod.
The internet is soon to be shut down I know
They’ll claim we’re under cyber attack
The last bastion of freedom of expression
Your monitors and monitoring all go black.

Disguised myself as a Marine into Langley
And found out secrets unknown
Of covert CIA Black ops and cover ups,
Assassins, kidnaps, tapped telephones
Rumsfeld and Saddam shaking hands agreed
Operatives training Al-Qaida screwballs
To dispel the Russian military demon
From Persian, Iraqi and Afghan halls.

It’s hard to believe that we’re all told lies
That your freedom is becoming illusory
But their plans for a cashless society
Belie insidious control and usury.
They want you to depend on them for everything
Until you’re sated, lazy and spoiled
Sitting fat and stupid in front of the TV
Laughing at idiots and starving for oil.

I found this all out and screamed aloud
But was labelled a conspiracy nut
When I confronted officials they acted dumb
As they truly were, all without guts
I showed them the evidence I had found
At first surprised they showed me the door
I went home dejected, risked so much for nothing
They took away screaming at quarter to four.

“How did you get this? How did you get that?”
They screamed at me under hot piercing lights.
At first I acted smug, big tough guy that I am
But they threatened me with muscle and might.
Bluffing I guessed, resisted as long as I could
Till one of them punched me, sent me down
I stared back in hatred and profound surprise
That Americans would torture their own.

The blood dripped from the edge of my eye
As they threw me up against the wall
“Who was your contact? Who let you in?”
My arm was broken by a push, trip and fall.
“I did it all myself and you’re all a bunch of pigs!”
I yelled at them as a big one kicked my back
“You’re all a bunch of blind, foolish tools
Hiding behind shades, you’re Godless and cracked!”

So try as they did that midsummer’s night
To pry the tasty mussel from his proud shell
I held on to truth as my moral strength and belief
As they plunged me into their venomous hell.
They couldn’t release me for I knew too much
But there were those who knew where I was
And their voices were raised, silenced, ignored
Big Brother was here amidst all the buzz.

It’s been six years or seven, I lost count
Since I’ve inhaled air breathed free
My jailer is my death’s door companion
For thru my window is all I can see.
Rotting away in a jungle of cages
A gnat in the company of elephants
My resolve is nearly hopeless exhausted
Trapped by fools and deceived sycophants.

So friends if ever you read my notes
Long after I’m dead and forgotten
Know that I never believed a word they said
Our leaders have hearts that are rotten.
Then as I lay down my mortal coil
And vanish into the dust of time
I’ll forgive them for they know not what they do
And pray they find the Creator sublime.

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