Devilspawn Tool

You run with a pack of ravenous vampire wolves
Swearing you’re impervious to pain
You’re callous and unforgiving as a venomous snake
Interested in shallow personal gain
You’d screw your grandma without being asked
On your wall hangs a framed picture of Cain
The Devil himself calls you a drinking buddy
Who laughs at impending nuclear rain.

You’re entertained by suffering, you sadistic unholy roach
Believing it could never get to you
Hurting every kindly soul that crosses your slimy tracks
Covering them weakly, denying what’s true
You lie to your own friends so often they expect it
Boasting you’re one of a fabulous few
You love the toadies sucking up, treat them even worse
You know so much, to you there’s nothing new.

Well I have news for you, you two-bit devilspawn tool
We are those who despise your ways, destroy you ignorant fool
Play catch with my Chevy, see how I drive
In your lyin’ jaws catch my blue steel forty-five
Teachers of truth and love and trust eliminate from school
Creeps like you, an ugly abomination to civilized rule.

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