Got No Time for That

Got no time to wax poetic and jest
The final exam’s no schoolboy’s test
The problems we face are piled sky high
The solution will come from no ordinary guy.
But beware panacea in too swift a mode
Banning personal greed’s no easy road
We’ll be ripe for the picking in our abject shame
We’ll cowardly smile in his charismatic fame.

Got no time to be your friend today you see
For your soul ‘s on the knife-edge of eternity
The decisions you make determine allegiance in trust
And align your posterity in blood, lies and rust.
So sinner man heed the call of thy maker
Yes Darwin’s a fool, be a giver not a taker
And come to the gates with your underwear clean
Ring the bell when you’re proud where you’ve been.

This ain’t no kissy kissy love song my girl
It’s an order to be right
You’ve given the chance to come out of the dark
Illuminate yourself in righteousness light.

So call me mean, call me callous and gruff
You’ll thank me for being so direct and rough
All your children stray like shepherdless sheep
You throw up your hands for you’re in way too deep.
You are what you own you tell all your friends
Forgetting what you lack, your morality depends
On where your bucks are made and who can you screw
But I promise it comes back to get even with you.

So I’ve got no time to be sweet right now
My call is for the moment at hand
You’re running blind full blast to the ledge
You’ll die unknowing a reality grand.

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