Surface Labels

They label him this way, and they label her that
She’s too damn skinny and he’s way too fat
Her sales are fantastic and his numbers are flat
He’s a liberal conservative lyin’ republicrat.

He’s a racist bigot and she can’t drive a knife
He’s a jealous husband and she’s a cheating wife
She is working way too hard and he is barely alive
She gets in way before six and he can’t wait ’til five.

Yeah, we make our surface judgments
Usually shallow, meaningless lies
That serve our own selfish purpose
Though your real humanity denies.

She’s a dummy ’cause she’s blonde or her skin’s too dark
He’s a greedy lawyer scum and drinks blood in the park
The Yale grad’s gotta be smart despite the eagle’s bark
She’s a righteous hypocrite, the TV con man’s spark.

She’s gotta be a whore by the cut of her holey jeans
Gotta be a Mexican because he likes tacos and beans
Gotta be gay because he digs Broadway scenes
She’s gotta be trouble because she’s still in her teens.

Yes we indict upon contact
And tell ourselves such lies
It makes ourselves feel better
But it hardly makes us wise.

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