Last Train’s Coming

Every day of your life, things present themselves big and small
Doors open, dice fall
Are you prepared for the opportunities grafted onto your time
Reality’s real, dreams sublime
For each man gets a chance at redeeming a lucky, golden ticket
Cash it in, don’t trip on it
Be sure and be ready when your life’s carousel comes around
The sun is shining, happiness abound.

William saw this interview as his way out of lifelong poverty
His journey westward and liberty
Yet waited with excuses, he eventually missed his chance
The music stopped, ended the dance
And George wanted better, said he always strived to do it all
Schooling long, family’s call
But fear and weakness of character destroyed all his aims
The problem is his, such specious claims.

The last seat at dinner, the last parking spot
The last sale item, lucky to have your shot
The last ticket home, the last set of tires
The last match in the book to light your fire.

The last to qualify, the last to make it in
You’ll never wonder what might have been
If you’re ready when divine appointment smiles
Your number is called up thru shiny turnstiles

Levi had a chance at wisdom in a beneficent call
He read it yet ignored it all
The sun was shining but he was blind to its light
A hardened heart, a discarded right
Thousands of years passed by a twinkle in His eye
So many live, so many die
But he’ll get another chance, how rare it is indeed
Salvation granted, a desperate need.

The last nail pounded, the last tear was dropped
The last word was uttered, a scene never topped
The last cry of anguish, all suffering done
The last train’s coming into the sun.

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