Down With the Dark

The dark ones want down,
So bury them, bury them
Bury them into the ground.

They plead Satan’s their lord
So give them up, give them up
Give them up lightning’s sword.

Worshipping the desolate and bleak
So anger them, anger them
Anger them to the rage they seek.

They want no light and peace
So rage on war, rage on war
Rage on war till time does cease.

They only wish to destroy
So let them hate, let them hate
Let them hate with pagan’s toy.

They gladly trade hate for love
So let them scream, let them scream
Let them scream agony to the Above.

They fear the Light shines bright
So shine it on, shine it on
Shine it on and end their night.

But when disaster strikes
See who they call, who they call.
Who they call to save their psyche.

They pose under shadows
So sell their souls, sell their souls
Sell their souls to death’s rainbow.

Selling CDs to eggshell kids
So pocket the gold, pocket the gold
Pocket the gold so you can submit bids.

The emulate the demon dead
So strike them down, strike them down
Strike them down, foreboding dread.

They embrace suffering as cool
So let them be, let them be
Let them be the denied mirror’s fool.

Darkness only leads to the grave
And that is nothing, yes nothing
Nothing at all respectful of raves.

They’re transparent greedy souls
So let’s free them, let’s free them
Let’s free them to seek out loftier goals.

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