Day After Tisha b’Av

Carving up the highway like you’re driving on your own
Racing crazy wild faster, a dream you’re all alone
Making flashing dragster time, while losing your rabid mind
Watching your life blur away, a hundred miles past blind.

Roaring thru confusion’s tunnel, a pulsing missile flies
Beyond a deeper comprehension which suddenly dies
Like crunchy leaves blown from trees in gale force winds
Dynamite on the brain, forget about your sins.

Zooming past the common scene, and time becomes all one
Memories come flooding back, you set them on the run
You’re not concerned with all that was, the moment is your now
You’ve flown at breakneck speed from alpha, looking for the tau.

Laughing screaming crying jumping propelling you so fast
Through a life you’ve never known, a dimension far too vast
Existence shines at every turn, an easy bend in psyche’s deep
Within your mind, you make the choice to simply unlock and leap.

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