Irony on Overload

Cross on your chest, you couldn’t care less
That life is a spirithood
With no regard, within your yard
Nothing else matters but fun
Your daddy didn’t tell to free up your cell
A selfish, intolerant pall
Families first, you could’ve done worse
Self-preservation is relatively small.

I’ve seen you on the bench, illegal stench
Your life is like a bug on my tile
And you criticize from your pseudo-highs
While you never consider denial
A knife blade is sheer, a minor veneer
Of what truly underlies us
I’ve seen you in age, wisdom from rage
Can you burn out without doing harm?

Paco, man, I see your size
I see your inbred machismo
You are what you are
You are what you are
Sorrowful victims, reckless flow.

And here’s to you all, who haven’t made the call
Time is not linear, see
You went for the small, not spirit at all
There is no price to pay
Life runs beyond us, a circular circus
Casually observing we are
So give me a smile, walk with me a mile
Find warmth in your crystalline soul.

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